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Here Is The Meaning Of The Word "GOAT" You See People Referring To Others

In this world of technology that we live in, you have realized that most people use abbreviations more so when chatting to pass their message. However, the problem is that most people don't understand these abbreviations correctly. What abbreviations have you ever seen or received in your phone that proved difficult to understand?

The word "GOAT" is used a lot among the youths. You find them tagging one of the celebrity singers, dancers or footballers and then captioning it by the words "my GOAT." Have you ever known what the word means. I also didn't know until I decided to research.

The word in full stands for "Greatest Of All Time." This means that the person they refer to is special and no one can outdo him/her in what he does best. Such people include Christiano and Messi who are stars in football. Now you won't be confused the next time you see a friend posting with a caption of "my GOAT."

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