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Life Lessons Learned

Life lessons can be found in so many unexpected places. Sometimes they come from a parent, a friend, a teacher, or even from your own actions. It is impossible to know everything that will happen in the future and that is what makes life interesting. Life lessons do not have to come from someplace major though. They can be more frequently found in your daily routine and by just being yourself. We all learn throughout our lives and we also teach each other. Sometimes we do not even realize that we are teaching others because we just casually do what we do and others follow what we're doing. Here are the seven little life lessons that I've taught over the years.

1.) If you eat a healthy diet, exercise, and drink lots of water, your skin will feel better than you ever thought it could feel.  

2.) If you wear makeup, take care of yourself, groom yourself properly, and present yourself nicely to the world, more people will notice how beautiful that is and want to be like that themselves.  

3. ) If you smile a lot in a friendly way, you will brighten the day of many people.  

4.) If you eat bread (with very few exceptions) made by someone who cares about what they're doing, it will taste better than any other bread that you've ever had.  

5.) If you act friendly to everyone that you meet, even if they are rude to you at first, more often than not they will become your friend (or even like you) because of your attitude.  

6. ) If you meet someone else's needs before your own, even if it's a small thing, you will feel really good about yourself and others will respect that.  

7.) If you work hard at your job, do what you're hired to do, and operate with integrity- people will see that as a valuable quality and want to hire you again.  

Ahh… the little life lessons that I have taught over the years from these different areas in my life. All of these were learned from the school of hard knocks, but they were all important to me along the way.

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