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Forget About Use of Cabros, Use This New and Cheap Method to Build Beautiful Pavements

Pavements are necessary for water drainage purposes. They also add beauty to the homesteads. For over a number of years, Cabros have been frequently used for this purpose despite their expensive nature.

However, there is a new method of pavement building that employs the use of formworks. These formworks have been designed differently and partitioned into various shapes depending on the taste of a client.

To apply this technique, a mortar consisting of sand and cement are mixed. They are then poured into the already spread formwork in the area where the pavement is to be built. Mortar is filled until the formwork level is reached. The surface is then levelised and the formwork removed. This leaves a mortar taking the shape of the formwork. Short formwork is preferred to avoid breakage of the pattern created during it's removal.

This method does not consume alot of mortar due to spaces in between the formwork. It is, therefore, much cheaper compared to the use of Cabros.

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