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Don't Buy Expensive Chairs For Your Child, See The New And Cheap Method To Build The Chairs (PHOTOS)

Toddler chairs are expensive especially when bought as first hand product from shop. A new method to construct the chairs have been devised and found to be effective. This new method that involves the use of recycled plastic buckets is very cheap and environmental friendly.

In this method, an old plastic bucket is cut is cut vertically from the top upto to some area below the base to create a picture of a normal chair. The cutting is done to create a room for back resting and not cut down to the base to create room for the seat.

Adjust the area shown in the diagram below for child's legs drop.

Cushions can then be applied for the seating area and the the back resting bay. A wooden material can be tucked together with the cushion to hold the seat firmly. With this this,you already have your chair for your child.

This method is very cheap as it simply involves looking for the old buckets and the cushions for comfort.

These kind of seats can also be used in nursery schools. They are comfortable and very long lasting.

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