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Here Are Decorating Tricks For Small Rooms

If you want your small room either living room kitchen, bedroom or dining room to look good, the key is to ensure your furniture is suited to the space available.

Nothing makes a room look smaller than filling it with undersized furniture.

1.In a small living room choose a single piece that really fills your room and fulfils a need.

In the sitting area don’t feel that your sofa needs to sit against the wall. Pulling it off the wall will create the illusion of space and make the room look bigger.

2.In a small kitchen utilising the full height of the room and the depth of the cabinets means every inch serves a purpose.

3.Involves colors

Small spaces can be the most charming areas of a home if you paint them colors,and since they require a bit of extra design 

4.Make use of corners

Don't leave the corners unutilized,let them be functional.

5.Arrange your furniture vertically.

One of the most common tricks for making a room seem bigger is to utilise vertical space to create the illusion of height.

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