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Dangers of applying methylated spirits on your private parts after shaving.

Methylated spirit is a common household product which is readily available at a range of retail outlets. It is composed of 70-99% ethanol, water and denatonium benzoate. Other ingredients can include, methyl isobutyl ketone, methyl violet and fluorescein. Denatonium benzoate is added to methylated spirits to make the product have an intensely bitter taste to reduce the amount of liquid likely to be consumed.

Methylated spirit is not classified as acutely toxic, but ingestion of small quantities can cause serious health effects due to the high ethanol concentration.

The use of methylated spirits for household cleaning and applying to body parts may result in dermal or inhalation exposure which may result to health risks. Methylated spirits contacting with the eye will cause immediate discomfort and may damage the eye lasting over a week. Symptoms are likely to resolve within two weeks.

High concentration of ethanol are a common ingredient in hand disinfectant rubs. Repeated application of a 95% ethanol hand rub over a short period of time could be transferred to the blood stream thus causing health issues.

The methylated spirits component can easily be absorbed through the skin when applying to your private parts and then transferred to the arterial blood.

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