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Avoid Using Bricks To Build Your Latrines And Use This Effective And Best Material (Photos).

Latrines are important buildings in human life. They help in eradicating dangerous diseases like cholera and typhoid by aiding proper disposal of human and other waste products. Because their vital role, latrines must be built by best and effective materials to make them last longer. Below is one of the most suitable material to use in building your latrines.

Concrete blocks.

The are made of cement, sand and gravel. Concrete blocks has high compression ability than bricks making them stronger than bricks. Walls built using concrete blocks are not affected by water unlike those built using bricks thus a latrine built using concrete blocks will remain strong for a long time if water is continuously flushed in it.

Concrete has higher tensile strength than bricks. This makes concrete blocks more suitable material to be used for construction purposes in high seismic zones. Using concrete blocks will ensure that you do not experience cracks on the walls of your latrines.

Building becomes very easy and faster when using concrete blocks than bricks. Bricks are very small in size thus it takes a lot of time in laying them. It is also more economical to use concrete blocks because their size is almost twice that of bricks. This implies that an individual will buy few concrete blocks to build his or her latrines.

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