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Avoid Wood in Building, Build Strong Durable & Beautiful Palatial House Using This Material

A permanent house can be built using any material depending on the taste of the owner since there varieties of alternative building materials.

When making choice on the building materials, you should consider factors like cost, availability, workability, durability and persistent to tear and wear of the given material. Generally, many people like building materials that are cost friendly, durable, easily available and easy to work with.

Wood has been the most widely used material in construction. However, it has some shortcomings.

Shortcomings of using wood in construction

1. It is easily affected by changes in weather conditions and pests.

2. Wood is prone to shrinking as it dry leading to deformed houses.

3. Wood is not much durable when used.

Because of these shortcomings associated with the use wood in construction, I would advise you to make use of Metal in construction.

Many houses today are built using metals starting from the walls to the roof as seen in the photo below.

However, when using metals to build walls and roof of a house, fix the metals at the initial stage of construction. For instance, the metal should be laid before the slab is constructed to enhance the strength of the structure and make them compactible.

Generally, houses built from metals are very strong and durable. They are not affected by adverse weather conditions. In most cases, they are resistant to pest attack once installed.

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