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Forget About Expensive Cost of Construction, Use This Simple Method to Resurface Worn Concrete

Step 1: Clean the Concrete

Before you start cleaning up the surface, wear heavy boots and protective glasses. Blast off surface dirt with a gas-powered pressure washer that can reach at least 3,500 psi. Fit the wand with a 25-degree fan tip, and hold it 6 to 8 inches from the surface as you clean the concrete with slow, even sweeps. Use a concrete wash to remove mildew or algae.

Step 2: Patch Spalled Areas

Mix up enough resurfacer to fill any divots while the concrete is still damp. Combine 1 part water with 7 parts resurfacer in a 5-gallon bucket. Now blend the two with a paddle mixer attached to a corded drill. Fill the recesses with resurfacer, and smooth with a finish trowel.

NOTE: Only go to the next step when you can stand on the patch without indenting it, in about 2 to 5 hours.

Step 3: Spread the Resurfacer

You can now fill the walkway joints with peel-and-stick foam weatherstripping. Proceed to dampen the concrete only when necessary. The resurfacer is workable for about 20 minutes. Mix half a bag of powder with 5½ cups of water at a time. This is enough to cover two sidewalk slabs. Pour it on the walk.

Step 4: Trowel Out the Resurfacer

This is the last stage. Spread the resurfacer until it's between 1/8 and ¼ inch thick. Wait for 5 minutes for a slip-resistant finish, then sweep a nylon-bristle concrete broom across it, 90 degrees to the foot traffic.

Lastly, ensure you remove the weatherstripping after 20 minutes. Wait for a period of 6 hours before walking on it.

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