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Cost Of Corrugated Iron Sheets In Most Hardwares In Kenya.

Companies making Iron Sheets have kept on changing the colour and quality of Iron Sheets. This is healthy for any company since the more they change and make their products more durable the more they get customers.

In previous years like 10 years ago the common Iron sheet was the silvered one. With time this has changed and currently their are more durable corrugated iron sheet with different attractive colours.

These Iron Sheets are preferred by many people since they have some advantages over the first type of iron sheet. These types of Iron sheets does not not rust easily compared with the earlier ones this is because they are coated with colours which do not fade easily.

Currently many people prefer roofing their houses using this kind of Iron sheets that is on market and which is also more durable.

The cost of these iron sheets depends with the quality and the type of iron sheet you want to buy. Therefore before you start construction of your house you must first set a good plan if you want use this type of Iron sheets.

These Iron sheet are coated with either blue, black, grey, red among many other colours that you can like.

The cost of these corrugated iron sheet ranges from 1,000 to 1500 shillings per square meters. If you want to construct a house that will consume 40 such Iron sheets then you should have at least 45,000 shillings to be at a safer side.

With these type of iron sheets you should hire an expert who has specialised in roofing so that he can fix for you the iron sheets. They are very delicate and a slight mistake during the roofing can cost you a lot. If any mistake occurs you will have to replace some of the Iron sheets and this maybe expensive.

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