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The Name and Purpose Of The Shiny Silver Balls Rotating On Top Of Roofs

These shiny silver balls are mostly found in industries, factories, godowns, among other busy buildings. They are called whirlybirds. They are mainly installed on rooftops because they act as a direct passage to the outside leaving the room cool.

They play an important role in the ventilation of the room. They rotate while removing hot air that could collect under the roof. They prevent the rising hot air from accumulating in the room. In addition to that, they also provide ventilation for the house even if it does not have space for ridge vents

The Best thing about this mechanism of cooling the room is that it does not consume electricity. They are designed using light materials and can be rotated by wind. You only incur installation costs.Most of the companies use them because they are economical when compared to installing the overhead fans which are well known for consuming a lot of electricity.

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