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Three Things That May be Hurting People Around you Without Your Knowledge

learn to live well with people.Each and everyday you end up associating with so many types of people. Some like jokes and other who are always serious. Sometimes if you don't learn to live well with people, you may end up doing things that may hurt then without even knowing.There are several things that other people may find weird buy to you, you feel like they are okey. Here are several things that you may be doing and hurts people around you.1.Speaking too mach without listening or giving other people a chance to speak. Sometimes it is important to listen, let say you are in discussion and all you do is talk without even giving other people chance to share their opinions of idea. By doing this you my be hurting them without your knowledge.

2.Making jokes about other people's background. This is one of the things that you should always avoid. Sometimes even your very close friends can find it so hard to tell you that what you are doing is not right.3.Discussing other people's mistakes with your friends instead of confronting the real person. When telling so many stories about people, the person you are telling may find it to tell you that what you are doing is wrong yet they can feel it. It is always wise to discuss about someone mistake with the person concerned.

4.Making jokes about someones parents. No matter how funny you want to sound to your friends or people around you, always try to avoid making jokes about someone's parents. No matter how funny they look please try to keep the jokes on yourself. By talking so mach you may hurt someone around you without even knowing. Please note very well these four things.

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