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What is the one principle you live by?

In a world where money, greed, self service, violence, intolerance, fear and insecurity reighn, there is a real danger for humans to decide that being bad is their only option. If everyone made that decision then we would be encouraging ourselves to evolve towards an apocalypse. For these reasons I decided that the most important thing I can do in this life is work to preserve and promote goodness.

Goodness is all that matters.

When we work to be good people we work to increase the human happiness quota. Who wouldn't agree that a happy human race would make a fantastic planet? Imagine if we prioritised educating our young to hold dear the core principle of goodness? Imagine them growing to be positive, helpful, Kind, loving, tolerant, generous and generally working to improve the mental well being of others? This could only prove beneficial for future generations right?


Many countries thrive through economies that depend on financial success. This creates an environment where most humans need to value one thing above all else… money.

The focus in capitalism is self service.

Obtaining money comes first and too often the mental well being of others is lost in the process. And so we do see a lot of poverty, suffering and desperation. As people fail to succeed in the capitalist system they often turn to crime as a quick fix. Many simply crumble mentally under the strain and stress and turn to drugs in order to stimulate out of their unacceptable raw default emotional state.they hate the way life makes them feel and class A's become the answer. Goodness becomes a distant notion of idealism within the harsh facts of reality.

I do my part.

My core principle of goodness drives all my decisions and intentions on a daily basis. I will not sacrifice the well being of others for personal gain. I will work in any way I can to be helpful to my neighbours, my family and friends. I use my ability in song writing and music production to deliver messages in line with my core principle. This is how I become a part of the human solution. This is how I do my part.

Of course I am not perfect and do make mistakes.

Anyone can have a bad day and effect others badly. When this happens I am sure to make amends immediately. This way I keep my self respect.

I truly hope this inspires!

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