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Meet Beautiful Photos At Lord Egerton Castle: Uncelebrated Gem Within Ngata Village, Nakuru City

Recreational places are becoming hard to find within your reach. Festive seasons are the opportunities for refreshing and rewinding about the nature. Lord Egerton Castle is a structure within Nakuru town vicinity where it's a unique tourist site for research and fun making.History has it that Lord Maurice Egerton built the palatial home out of love for his fiancée. It came during world war 2 the two birds engaged in marital affairs where Maurice wanted to prove his love to her by building this structure. A lot is entailed in the scenery.

Funning making

A day like today, Lord Egerton Castle is the place to be as crossing over the year is awaited. The well kept fields, play grounds and outdoor activities are highly welcomes from visitors. The castle shaped structure is an eye appealing site for all. Families and friends do have fun by playing their favorite games in the scenery.

Filming and video shooting site

The monument is managed by Egerton university where celebrities and famous artistes do come to shoot videos with their vixens. The scenery is uniquely built from the design and material used to construct it. It is believed the raw materials were imported as Lord Maurice Egerton wanted to impress his love despite frustration from her by rejecting the home.

Llama rearing

Agriculturist projects are being carried out in the scenery. Agricultural machinery tools and llamas are being reared in the scenery. The animals look awesome as they appear like cross breed between goats and camels.

Therapeutic environment

People suffering from psycho social conditions should pay a visit to Lord Egerton castle where the tranquil and saline environment gives a healing sensation. Elders do visit the place for meditation exercise and refreshing.

Historical museum

Learners and researchers should make use of the monument to confirm and also to clarify some issues. Creativity and innovative activities such photo taking and hospitality jobs are enhanced in the scenery where tour guides depict informative sessions.

Domestic tourism

The scenery is affordable to all, tourism used to be perceived to a thing of the foreigners but Lord Egerton castle is a home of everyone. Charges are friendly and Kenyans are highly welcomed to visit the place.

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