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Light Your Jiko Easily And Avoid Smoky Papers And Tiresome Waving

Many people are aware of how time consuming, tiresome, and even risky in some cases lighting charcoal jikos can be.

 Most of us only know of lighting it by stuffing large amounts of papers into the under grate, lighting with a matchbox and waving furiously for many minutes amid much irritating smoke.

Some pour a little kerosene to the ashes and hope that the adjacent charcoal pieces get lit up. However these old methods are inconvenient and always fail after first attempts. Below is a sure method you can use to light your jiko hustle and smoke free:

Requirements; a kerosene stove, a metallic wire mesh (with small holes that can hold charcoal pieces), a lighter/matchbox, very little kerosene


-Use the matchbox to light the kerosene stove as if it’s normal

-place two handfuls of charcoal on the metallic wire mesh

-place the wire mesh with charcoal on top of the lit stove and wait for a few minutes while the charcoal pieces closest to the mesh start getting lit and glow red

-now put off the stove and transfer the partly lit charcoal from the mesh and pour into the empty jiko

-live it in open air to get lit properly

   In most cases, we run out of options in terms of lacking alternative means of fuel. However, some rely on this means in circumstances where they are preparing foods that require extended periods of time to cook like githeri, bones soup or large amounts of food for many people who may have met in a special event. Using this method therefore saves on a lot of time and inconveniences that come with some other methods.

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