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"Mungu Ni Wa Ajabu Kweli" Man Breaks Record As The Shortest Living Man, Feted By Guinness Records

For many people, height is a blessing and lack of it can subject you to constant mockery and mimick even by your school going age mates. However for Afshin, a 20 year old man from a village in Iran, it's nothing but all blessings, as he was feted by the Guinness world record, as the shortest living man.

He currently has a height of 65 centimeters, in a measurement recorded by the chief editorial crew at the Guinness world records. One most amusing again is that he only weighs 6.5 kilos and was born weighing just 700 grams, which is even lesser than that of bread.

Speaking in an interview after measurements were taken in Dubai, Afshin says he always on most times wish that he would be normal and even own and drive a car like everyone else. In regards to his life, he is also unable to attend schools.File photo: Ashfin sitting on a ball in Dubai.

Even though he can walk on his own, Afshin in most cases likes to be carried. He spends his times at home watching cartoon and scrolling through social media. Funnily, he knows how to use a smart phone, but cannot carry it with him for long.

"It's been a privilege to meet with Ashfin, and his family. Also to confirm that he's the worlds shortest living adult man," said Glenday the on editor at Guinness world records. Ashfin close family accompanied him for measurements in Dubai.


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