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5 Weird Things Ladies Do In The Bathroom Alone

Women are well known for spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Today am going to share with you five weird things that they enjoy doing in the toilets when they are alone.


This is something that men are used to doing, but ladies will always find some private space to do it.

2.Making strange faces on the mirror

Women walk around carrying mirrors in their handbags. The moment they get a chance to stare, they will make all types of faces they can without noticing them.


Most ladies have this weakness. They carry their drinks to the bathroom and drink while taking a shower, and they end up sleeping in the bathtubs.

4. Singing in the shower

Almost all ladies do sing while taking a shower. They are enjoying washing their bodies and same time singing their best tunes.


They reply to text messages which they were not able to attend to during the day. They think that is the best time to answer them.

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