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Not Cabros Again, See The New And Cheap Method To Build Your Pavements, Very Eco-Friendly

Stones have been continuously used to build pavements for a long time due to their strength and ease of access. Cabros are in particular a darling to many when it comes to construction of pavements. However,cabros are very expensive to purchase and their installation also requires extensive labour. Engineers have been working on better alternatives of pavement laying that is Eco-Friendly and also Cheap.

This has led to the development of plastics pavers. Plastic pavers are synthesized from factories and sold in rolls. In this method,concrete or small stones are spread on the area to make the pavement or it simply levelised.

The plastic paver is then spread over the surface. Small stones or concrete are then spread over the plastic paver to hold it strongly on the ground.

The plastic paver have interlocking holes that holds the concrete strongly and hinders scattering during movement.

This method allows water to sip through in between the holes offering a very good drainage solution.

This method avoids the use of cement and also it's installation do not require much labour hence proves to be very cheap as compared to installation of Pavements using Cabros.

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