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The Name And Photos Of The Most Beautiful Water Body And Where It is Found

It's incredible what 'Mother Nature' has always been providing to us with not just features but unique ones. Ever come across some water bodies that really attract people in visiting them from local Kenya's Lake Bogoria having spring of hot water to the famous Oceans that don't mix yet they are adjacent to each other. Here is another water body that make people travel to go and see it, have a close look at it in the pictures below:

Beautiful right?! It's called River Cano Cristales popularly nicknamed as the 'rainbow river'. The river is found in Colombia hence got the nickname because it's water has different colours.

It was thought to be a no-go-zone coming close to it in early 2000 when the river was in Guerilla territory. Later they discovered that it was not dangerous and people can visit the place.

You probably having questions about the colours of the water, here is why. The colours of the water researchers discovered it were caused by a plant called Macarenia Clavigera. The plant is responsible for it's red, orange, yellow, green and blue colours.

Cano Cristales popularly referred to as the 'rainbow river' it's made even more beautiful by the beautiful circular rock pools present in the river.

Beautiful world of ours, thanks for reading share, comment and also follow.

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Colombia River Cano Cristales


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