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Hacks To Get New Ideas For Solving Any Problem.

1. Write down the issue.

Try to explain the problem in a simple way. When you verbalize a problem you can see it differently. Sometimes it is all you need to find the solution.

2. Read some articles about the issue itself.

Most likely other people already faced the same issue. They could share some solutions. Or you could find some ideas good for you.

3. Find the root cause of the problem.

How did you find yourself in this situation?What could have saved you from that? While thinking of that you can see the problem from a different perspective.

4. Think about why this issue is tough for you.

Maybe the issue is a common one. And many people face it. But your case is special, and that's why you can't use a generic approach. What is so different in it for you? Is it different?

5. Acknowledge who should resolve the issue.

Is it possible that you are not responsible for resolving the issue? If so, your role is different. As well as required actions.

6. Distance yourself from the problem.

Think of other successful people who might have the same problem. Imagine how they would deal with that issue. What could you use from theirs approach?

7. Think of people whom you can share your issue with.

We can find answers in unexpected places. If you know some people who are open to you and are smart enough - why don't you use that potential? Tell them your story, and ask their opinion.

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