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Uses Of Plastic Bottle Tops You Should Not Ignore

There are some simple things you should not be throwing away after their main use. Things like small plastic bottles,tissue rolls and bottle tops should not be thrown away because in one way or another,they may have a positive impact in our lives.

Today I will share with you the use of plastic bottle tops used to cover cooking oils,small water bottles and some juicy fruits.

These small bottle tops are used to Clean Sufurias used to cook Ugali or rice. You should not be struggling to clear the left overs of rice or ugali that have been stuck on your Sufurias by use of your finger nails or sometimes spoons. Use these plastic bottle tops to clean them with ease,you will leave your Sufurias sparkling clean without any Ugali stains or any other stubborn stains.

This way will also help to maintain your long beautiful nails. Please share the article to your closest friends and leave a comment as well. Follow me for the latest updates especially society and breaking news in Kenya.

Content created and supplied by: Linpauz (via Opera News )

Clean Sufurias Kenya Sufurias


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