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3 Tips To Ensure You're Building Your Business The Right Way.

Today I want to share my top 3 tips to ensure you’re building your business the right way.

1️.You’ve Asked Your Audience What They Want.

This is so simple, and so obvious that barely anyone does it! ⁠I have little kids. And if I cook them what I want, they won’t eat it. But if I ask them what they want, or get them excited about what I want to cook for them, then they gobble it all up and beg for seconds. So, what you want to do is simply ask your audience what problems they’re seeking solutions for and become their problems solver.

2. Spy On Your Competitors.

Success leaves clues. ⁠So invest some time seeing how your competition is giving your audience what they asked for. Then you want to create a better version of what’s been proven to cash flow. ⁠⁠For example, carnivals and amusement piers were proven to sell tickets but they were seedy and low class. So Walt Disney took the idea of what was proven to work, removed the things that didn’t, and in 1955 the theme park was born!⁠

⁠So for you, investigate your market and then brainstorm how to improve upon it. You should never reinvent the wheel or test out a new concept. ⁠

⁠Instead, improve upon proven success and you’ll dramatically reduce your risk.

⁠3️. Love What You Do⁠.

⁠Yes, business building is hard. Really hard. Insanely hard. ⁠However, as an entrepreneur, you should LOVE what you do. After all, you’re getting paid to create, and build your dreams. So even when times are rocky, you should still be infused with a sense of direction and fulfillment. If not, then you’re building the wrong business.

⁠I’ve had a few times when I sensed I was building the wrong thing, and I had to be honest with myself that I was heading in the wrong direction. ⁠⁠This required me to abandon what I was working on and take a massive loss, but the short-term loss yielded a long-term gain (happiness and joy).⁠

⁠So if you’re not LOVING what you’re creating, and can’t find a way to turn things around, then it’s time to pivot.

⁠That’s my 2 cents. Let me know your thoughts below.

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