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Are you having a bad day? Well here are some funny posts to cheer you up

In our lives,we have all had bad days and good days .In most cases bad days trigger lots of painful memories and in other cases we feel that every little thing we do ,always turns the opposite of what we expected ,the results are always terrible. This is what I can define as a bad day,when luck is not on one's side.

Bad days believe it or not have a cure .The cure can be in form of a picture ,a funny one which will make you smile and forget about the day for sometime. The cure can also be a person ,who you share your troubles with and he or she helps you get by. After all ,a problem shared is half solved.

Here are some funny memes to help cheer you up on your bad day.

1)Currently, most men are looking for independent ladies who can finance their needs as opposed to dependant ones. On the other hand the independent ladies do not want to be found as they do not want extra responsibilities and are content with their lifestyle.

2)We all have those friends who have poor speaking skills and as a result we have to warn them beforehand not to embarrass us when in public.

3)In campus,it is always a struggle to maintain ones life. One is sent money for expenses and by the end of the day,the money is over and you can't ask for more.

4)When one visits a public toilet ,which has no lock,they try their best to support the door with their leg and finish they business very quickly ,is it not so?

5)This one is something am sure most of you will agree on. How do you react when you meet your parents in public, most of us either assume them or change roads ,very few will interact with them.

6)The rate at which people out here are unwilling to commit to relationships is alarming. Some have gone to the extent of claiming they would rather keep their rib,the rib that God gave Eve after removing it from Adam that share it with anyone else.

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