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Why These Young Girls Feet Must Never Touch The Ground

In Nepal there is a centuries-old tradition of choosing a young girl as a goddess. She is known as the Kumari and is the only living goddess worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists.

The Kumaris are young pre-pubescent girls who can be as young as three years. The Kumari is said to receive the power of Goddess Kali and Taleju. The girl has to be of sound health, have no scars, her skin has to be uncut and have no blemish, she should be pre-menstrual and have no loss of teeth.

After being selected as Kumari, the child leaves her parents house until another living goddess replaces her. The parents aren’t allowed to visit their daughter and only see her when she's officiating public ceremonies.

The children also must not be scared of blood therefore the child is shown several sacrificed buffalos and masked men dancing on top of the blood. If a child shows signs of fear, she is deemed not worthy of being a goddess and another goddess is chosen.

There are many rules. Firstly the girl's mother has to apply makeup on her daughter’s face in intricate designs. The Kumari is not allowed to speak to anyone besides her family and close friends and she isn’t allowed to go outside except for festivals. While outside her feet must not touch the ground. That means someone has to carry the goddess around.

The Kumari ceases to be a goddess once she starts her menstruation or if she suffers a cut and loses blood from her body. If a Kumari loses blood from her body, she becomes like any other humans and loses the power of Gods bestowed on her.

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