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Discovering Your Purpose, Well-Being And Passion In This Complicated World.

Finding your purpose is being your true self using your gifts, what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and that which you can be paid from doing to add some more value to the world and this doesn't have to be in a big way.

Your purpose is the reason you get up in the morning. It is not because you have to wake up to go to your job so that you can get paid to pay all your bills. It goes very deeper than that. Your purpose motivates you, it drives you, it excites you and gives you a reason for living.

The Most Important Days In Your Life Are The Day You Were Born And The Day You Find Out Why.

If you are still young, quit stressing yourself over this, you still have time but you have to start acting now. Since you are still growing doesn't mean you have to have it all figured out now.

Your purpose doesn't have to be just one thing. A lot of people think that a purpose is like just one thing or one career or theme but it really isn't. It could be like an umbrella of many things because most of us can have a very difficult time picking between our very favorite things because they vary.

Your purpose can still change over time depending on how exposed in life you get. This world is full of different types of people and each of them can bring in a different circumstances with it that can teach you something new or shade in new light or opinions about things.

You can think about the things that get you excited and light you up. Your purpose is related to those things that make you come alive so pay attention to your energy. Explore what you love, things that makes you happy and bring you joy. You can write them down on a journal and use them to discover the skills you have and those that you can be able to develop. You can then set goals out of this discoveries you have made of yourself and try to achieve them.

When you write your goals down you are able to work harder on them. So I suggest you get yourself a journal. A beautiful journal that will make it exciting to write in each day. It can be a journal with a cover or maybe front page of your favorite color, movie star, quotes or your favorite animation. This will motivate you to have daily entries because it will excite you and cheer you up.

Step one: Self-Analysis

You can look into documentaries and answer questionnaires and participate in personality tests.Explore your likings and things that light up your mood and bring you excitement. Write them down on your journal.

Step two: Reviewing your Days.

Don't forget to review your days, how you feel, and carefully review your journal entries every week.

Step three: Develop and Plan to Achieve Your Goals.

Write your life statement, establish any skills you need to develop, and set yourself some goals and promise yourself you have to achieve them.

The Privilege Of A Lifetime Is To Become Who You Really Are. Focus On Your Life, It's Healthy. Remember, It's About Progress Not Perfection.

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