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7 Signs that you are doing better in life than you think you are

When we get caught up in life we sometimes forget ourselves and the relationships we have wane overtime. Life changing situations happens and we feel like nothing is changing and that things should change. People we know are doing better than us. You start counting your blessings and you find that they can't even be counted on one hand. You may not see it but sometimes we are doing better off than we expect. These pointers can help you see what may not be obvious when in these situations.

1. You seek peace over pleasure

When you choose your peace of mind over mindless pleasure means you're growing. Going out and chasing highs and adrenaline for years can tire people and realizing this can help you grow and see that you're in a better place.

2. You have very few close friends

You know you are in a better place than where you were a few months ago when you seek deep and meaningful relationships with close friends. Having friends to count on is a sign you're blessed even if it's just one person.

3. You are serious about your goals

Many people don't know their goals and are just following the masses. You're ahead when you know your goals and where you're going and having the guts to follow them through means you're doing better than you think.

4. You went through hard times

Going through hardships is good, means you're growing stronger even if it's tough. Just being alive after tough situations is a sign that you will face them again and again as they happen.

5. You changed a lot from a year ago

Change is a sign of growth. Don't fear change, fear that you stay the same. Your biggest risk is just staying exactly where you are in life while the world passes you by.

6. You trust that everything will be alright

Hope is the greatest thing a person can ever have. After many hardships, you still trust that the universe has great things in store for you and you take action to bring them into fruition.

7. You learn from mistakes

When you make mistakes you don't dwell on them. You find out where you went wrong and make adjustments. You learn and move on. This is the biggest sign that you are doing great and will continue to do so.

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