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How To Respect Yourself

There are ways you can respect yourself. Here are ways to respect yourself.

1.Stop looking to those who are looking at you.If they are looking at you assume them and continue with your work.

2.Stop begging from other people's properties.Avoid being a dependant and you will have respected yourself.

3.Learn on how to spend money yourself and how to manager your properties you alone without assistance.Do not seek advice from other people they might know about your plans.

4.Respect the time you allocate to yourself and value it to be important.Do not like postponing things or leave them unfinished because of laziness.

5.Do not stay in a relationship where you do not feel respected, valued or given love. You should stay far away from that relationship.

6.Stop saying more that is necessary if you want to respect yourself.

7.Be happy always if you have done investment on yourself.This is because you will enjoy you alone in your life and your family member.

8.When you are talking anything think first before you talk because the highest percentage of people respect what comes from your mouth.

9.Do not go where you are not being invited by the owner and do not fail him or her if he has invited you to go there.

10.Take people exactly the way they want and the way they treat you too.Do not want them to be as you want.

11.Always do your best and perform something that is good and admirable to everybody.Make sure you do something that can make everybody to congratulate you.

12.You should dress smart the way you are addressed in the community.You should not dress the way that can make people keep talking about you negatively.

13.Do not reject those who reject you.Always love them and they will notice later that you are very important.

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