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8 Ordinary Things we Can Guess Were Really Useful

Arrow on a car's fuel gauge

This arrow was added to show the drivers which side of the car the tank lid is without looking from outside. It is very useful especially when you have just bought a new car or borrowed one.

Rivets on jeans pocket

We all have seen such small pockets on many jeans, jeans are designed as durable clothes for miners and gold prospectors. There was a problem, however, because pockets couldn't withstand the weight of tools and nuggets and so they tore off. Therefore, the rivets were made to prevent this.

A hole at the end of a tape

The whole is made so that the tape can stick on a nail or bolt when measuring distance. The serrated part helps you mark that part you need if you do not have a pen

Small hole on the lock

You have noticed this small hole and you wonder what its purpose is. Because padlock are mostly used outside, this hole is a drainage system for water that gets inside the lock. If it wasn't there, the lock would rust and fail to open

How to find out if your phone is wet

This indicator looks like a little square or circle, it changes its color from light to red if it is wet. Starting with the iPhone 5, Apple smartphones have this indicator in the SIM card slot. For you to see clearly, just bend the point against the light.

Small bumps on keys F and J on the keyboard.

This is a very helpful feature on the keyboard especially when you are typing using the touch method with ten fingers. They are like anchor's where you put your index finger on the.

This part on staples

Normally, staples do join the papers with staples on the inside. If you turn this part 180 degrees, then the staples will bend on the outside making it easy to remove them without harming your fingers.

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