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8 Behavioral Psychology You Should Know.

1.Broken windows theory.

- If there was at least one broken or missing window in a building, people passing by assume there is no one responsible take care of that.

- Shortly, people assume that they can easily get away with things/crimes.

2. Baby duck syndrome

- Just like a freshly hatched duckling, sees it's mother first and follows it everywhere

- In a new environment, you start to consider the first object you see as the best

- For example "Paper books are better than digital ones" indicate this syndrome.

3. Learned helplessness theory.

- You quit trying to do anything to improve your lives, even though you have opportunity to do something about it.

- This thought appears after going through multiple failures and you start to believe you are helpless.

4. Reality tunnel theory.

- You see the world through the filters of your own experience and beliefs.

- Upbringing, education, and all the joys and failures in your life make up your reality.

- That's why people often have different reactions to the same things.

5. Hedgehogs dilemma

- You tend to stay close to family and friends

- The imperfections of your loved ones sometimes make you to move away

- The key to happy relationships lies in love and friendship, to give to another person enough warmth and keep personal space.

6. Foot in the door.

- Someone does you a little favor and then you get trapped in their their requests become bolder and bolden.

- You struggle to say, NO

- It is used by marketers to sell you their goods. You buy trial version, it becomes easier to send extended subscription.

7. Anonymous authority theory

- It is easy to manipulate people with the help of magic words.

- Phrases like "according to scientists" or "experts claim are easily perceived as truth.

- Your brain subconsciously listens to anonymous authority.

8. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

- At times prophecies come true, but there is no magic.

- People lie saying "The trick is that if you believe in this prophecy, it will happen."

- A very good example, our belief in fortune teller's statements.

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