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9 Tips To Gain Control Of Your Free Time.

Schedule your year

- write all the things you want to do, to achieve what you want in this year

- Break those into monthly tasks, weekly tasks and daily tasks.

Categorize your tasks.

- Categories - career, relationships and self.

- Add points under each category on a daily basis,

- so that you focus on all the three categories equally.

Sort your priorities

- Small moments can have great power, you can use your bits of time for bits of joy

- Instead of spending 5 minutes of time on your social media now and then,

- spend that listening to a podcast or reading a book.

Know what your spending your time on

- list down the activities done by you in that 67 hours of free time every week.

- Analyze the time wasters.

- Try to eliminate one every week and see the productivity for every week.

List down your goals

- List long term ones, then short term ones.

- Break down your goals in form of actionable activities.

- Check if your yearly goals reflect your long term goals?

Review and Reflect

- With every week passing by, spend some time to analyse your week, if it was spent the way you wanted to.

- Review Tasks done, tasks postponed.

- Plan your next week accordingly.


- Doing this activity few days a week or few weeks a month does not give expected results.

- Do this continuously for 6 months or one year span of time

- You will notice having full control of your time and a sky-rocketing productivity in everything you prioritize.

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