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Why People Use Flowers In Funerals

It's always a sad moment to accept the reality of life especially when you lose someone that you love the most. Death is really cruel and inevitable thing that we'll all go through in unexpected moments. It takes long to heal the wounds and mourning becomes our daily meal. During such times what we need is God and comfort from our closest people.

As usual ceremonies have their own traditions that define them and so do the funerals. We have tributes, final respect moments, laying of casket, lighting candles and giving flowers. Most of these flowers are either black, red or purple according to the deceased family's choice. So today I want us to know the reason why we have flowers in funerals.

First, they mean expression. According to my research in one of the websites, it's clear that you can use a flower to express your love for someone. The visual expression of it shows that you honour and treasure that person. It's just like valentine or wedding where people gift each other roses. Now in burials, the person is gone but the spirit of love still holds you together. Si the flowers signify that the affection will still exist despite one's absence.

Another reason is to create a comfortable, warmth and beautiful feeling. Life is sweet and cute so we can't keep off this image now that one is no more. The beauty of these flowers never withers in the mind of the bereaved. It maintains that attachment and you never forget about the cool memories you had together. Create a direct cooling effect made by a memory of your lost ones.

So always embrace this tradition of laying flowers as it will keep you connected to that person you love. During anniversaries remember to show more affection by placing sweet roses on the graveyard. It's the best way to reveal your value and respect for the departed souls.

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