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Tricks That Magicians Use To Make People Believe That They Are Seating In Air

Many people have seen magicians performing magic on the streets. For instance, most of us have seen magicians pretending to be seating on air such as the man shown in the photo below. We all assume that they do possess supernatural powers that enable them to perform such weird things.

However, that is not the case, the magicians use a metallic chair that is hidden under the pair of trousers. The seat is always firmly fixed to the floor. This allows them to sit comfortably on one leg without falling.

The chair is designed to firmly fit on one leg that is always attached to solid material placed on the floor that is always covered using a doormat or a small piece of carpet. If you are always keen, you will notice that the magician only moves one leg.

How the magicians manage to trick the Spectators

All of the preparations have to be done in advance so that none of the viewers can reveal the secret behind this illusion. Even though the sit is large the magician can comfortably walk around with the seat is hidden user the pair of trousers.

The video below is used to demonstrate how the chair functions.

The magician then hooks the chair to a solid plate placed on the floor and covers it with a small piece of carpet of a doormat. The magician then slowly sits down by shifting his weight to the left leg. He or she then uses the right leg to keep his body balanced to avoid falling on his back.

Another trick that magicians use to seat on air without them touching the ground is by placing their hands on a vertical pole that is placed on the ground. This type of illusion also uses the same principle applied to the one-leg chair. The pole is connected to the floor on a piece of metal plate, which is hidden below the cardboard or the mat.

The entire preparation of the above trick can be watched in the video below.

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