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Things You Should Never Do When Doing Your Shopping

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Many people have started going back to the supermarket for their shopping since the pandemic started easing. Apart from obeying the COVID-19 containment measures, there are bad shopping practices that can interfere with your health, if not your wallet. 

Here are the things you should not do when shopping;

1. Shopping when hungry

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It goes without saying that you may end up overloading your trolley. A research conducted by the Michigan University discovered that when you shop on an empty stomach you may pick things that you don’t need. According to the study, hunger comes with acquisition-related behaviours which can influence your decisions. 

2. Using dirty reusable bags

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Though great for the environment, if not washed frequently the shopping bags may harbour bacteria and germs. The reusable bags may contain pathogens like E. coli that may make you sick. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is advisable that you wash your bags and disinfect before you carry them to the supermarket. 

3. Overlooking nutrition labels

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Very few people spend time having a look at different nutritional components of the items they are buying. Different health agencies warn that excessive salt and sugar should be avoided because consuming too much of them can lead to hypertension and type 2 diabetes. It is advisable that you look at nutrition label of each and every item you are buying to avoid products with more added sugar and sodium. 

4. Forgetting the hand sanitizer

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Besides the coronavirus that can be found on the handles of the supermarket carts, those handles are also riddled with bacteria. To get rid of them you should ensure that you carry your hand sanitizer to wipe the cart handles before touching them. 

5. Shopping after a workout

Working out boosts testosterone levels that may make one to be too confident and feel like a “top dog”. That feeling may lure one to buy even the things they don’t need more so if status goods are involved. Experts advise that people should shop before a workout session and not after.  

Content created and supplied by: OpijaRaduk (via Opera News )

Michigan University


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