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Stop Wasting Money On Buying Cement, Use Below Method Cheap And Simple Method To Make Strong Walls

The cost of cement has increased significantly in recent times due to the strong market demand. Initially, a lot of concrete cost 550 Ksh but today it is 650 Ksh. This breakthrough made the cost of building a permanent home very high.  

However, a solution to this challenge is already at hand. The solution is to use nested bricks in the construction. The use of interlocking bricks is the only way out of this uneconomical scheme.  The joints on the brick allow the mason to build with a minimum of cement grout between them.These blocks are used as a cheap alternative to building walls without spending a lot.

They are also easier to build than natural stones.   Blocks can be used to build interior or exterior walls, partitions and even door and window frames. In addition, twin bricks can be made from the interlocking block maker using a special mold. These bricks are virtually double the standard brick with bevelled or bevelled edges for better aesthetics and better handling.  

 Paired Brick is useful for building interior or exterior walls and can be used on walls of any thickness with the added benefit of saving mortar due to the bevelled edges that interlock.

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