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Forget About Hiring Experts, Use this Fast and Most Efficient Method to Remove Tile Floor

There are tasks that we can do by ourselves when we have the required tools. This reduces the cost that would have been incurred in hiring experts to perform the same task. In an attempt to remove the tile floor at personal levels, some people have used sledgehammers, crowbars, chisels & hammers. However, this method is not efficient as it may interfere with the floor, leaving scars everywhere.

To remove your tile floor efficiently, you need an air hammer with a chisel to connect to an air compressor. After attaching the air hammer-chisel to the air compressor, the tile will come up so much easier & faster.

Just be sure not to forget your protective gear when removing the tile. All the broken tile sometimes fly up & you want to be safe.

Once the tile floor is out, use a crow bar & hammer to take up the 1/4 inch plywood underneath the floor tile & grout.

I hope from this information you have gathered some clue on how to remove tile floor faster.

Content created and supplied by: @arapoutta (via Opera News )


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