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Cheapest Way To Build A 3 Bedroom Permanent House For Your Parents In a Rural Area

Use cheap house designs.

When constructing a building the first step is to adopt a house design. You should opt for simple house shape as they are the cheapest. It's common sense that complex design will cost you much more than intended. In addition keep the roof lines simple and short since complex designs necessitate extra materials hence expensive.

Implement new technology.

The high cost of building materials and the intensive labour are the major contributors in increasing the construction cost. In an effort to lower the cost of construction new technologies such as interlocking bricks are being used. This method will ensure you use less cement thus saving you extra bucks.

Source building materials.

Building materials are what will determine the cost of construction. It is always better to self source building materials instead of buying. Materials like timber and bricks can be readily available for some people and therefore shouldn't be purchased. Another way of self sourcing is by buying the materials yourself instead of sending foremen who may inflate prices thus making you spend much.

Recycle building materials.

You should always keep in mind that every penny counts and everything bought will increase the cost of construction. Perchance you can hire tools like spades and wheelbarrows which are reusable. It is cheaper to hire compared to buying.

Hire experienced contractors.

This should be the sixth sense for anyone looking to build a house. This is because experienced contractors will put up a durable and appealing structure whereas inexperienced may necessitate repairs thus making you spend more. All these is true because the use of unskilled labour has cost many homebuilders upto 50 percent more of the initial cost.

Choose a good location.

It's always better to look for a good site when looking to construct a house. A perfect location for building is a place far from trees, resistant to flooding and near a road. A place next to a road is excellent, this is because you will receive building materials with ease thus saving you some money.

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