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"Surprised' Mungai Eve Purchases Seat Worth 250K For Her New House

Few days after the YouTuber Mungai Eve showed off a house tour inside her new two bedroom house. Now she decided to purchase seats worth 250k, they are not just seats but we can call them comfortable and special seats. The seats are pure black leather six seater seats and of high quality. The following are the qualities of the seats that Mungai Eve purchased.

First their packaging is so special since the seats are delivered when they are being rapped in nylon papers and put inside a boxer. It means that they save space during transportation and also prevents them from being torn while carrying and transporting. They have a pressing button on their sides that one can press from normal seat position to a relaxing zone. Mungai Eve has really inspired youths and has showed them the way to go. Now she has started enjoying the fruits of hard work, meaning that everything is possible it depends with you and what you can do best to enjoy your life fully.

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Mungai Mungai Eve


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