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Why You Should Never Buy Groceries from Kenyan Supermarkets

Food health has become an issue of concern in Kenya. While many genuine farmers follow legal procedures to come up with all that are good for human consumption, some are busy looking for short cuts to wealth. Vendors on the other hand are also looking to attract customers and increase profitability. The latter two objectives have promoted short-cuts that are health hazards. Short cuts that have escalated the spread of organ malfunctions and others related diseases.

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Supermarkets are known for their efforts in trying to provide the best of all. So, when it comes to groceries, most will go for what looks clean and attractive regardless of their health standards. For instance, you'll find leafy vegetables and consider them healthier than the ones sold by mama mboga. Same applies to fruits.

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Recent research on leafy vegetables, and after a series of tests, proved that these vegetables contain heavy metals resulting from the fertilizers and chemical additives used to make them that leafy. Fruits on the other side are injected to facilitate ripening and to also appear clean and attractive.

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Supermarkets will also be looking for durability, and will in many cases go for what they think could last longer. This means they will in most cases go for chemically facilitated and preserved groceries. Very unhealthy. For this reason, I'd highly recommend you buy things like tomatoes, Sukuma Wiki, avocados, oranges and apples from your local market instead of visiting the supermarkets. How about that? Let's prioritize our health.

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