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Home and Reflection Quotes for Introverts

Introverts enjoy looking inward rather than on the outward as extroverts are. Photo: Introvertshome.

The inner reflection majorly enjoyed or easily done by introverts is good for everyone as it is also necessary for mental and spiritual nourishment.

For Christians like I am, when I feel lost and empty, I look for wisdom and assurance from the written word of God.

Authors would seek the written word to inspire their writing and overcome a writer's block and this is all a form of refreshment that introverts get from looking inward and reflecting about issues in their lives.

Readership or reading is another form of refreshment to the mind because it is here that intimacy between a writer and a reader is born.

People who enjoy reading quietly often say that written words connect to the soul, thereby bringing refreshment.

Making references to quotes is more of reading and here are some quotes that would appeal and help introverts navigate their different situations and moods easily.

Quotes about home:

Home is a place where most of us find solace. It is where our family is and a place we return to after work and all other things are done.

Therefore, the thought of a peaceful and clam home are reassuring to a great extent.

Here is an amazing quote about home by great poet Maya Angelou in her anthology Letter to my daughter: “We feel safest when we go inside ourselves and find home, a place where we belong and maybe the only place we really do.”

Laurie Helgo also has a soothing quote about home as a point of inward reflect: "What I now also realize is that I’ve been looking for my home - a home that allows me to practice, rather than defend, my introversion; to, perhaps, allow both feet to rest inside.”

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