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Primary Education


Tumetoka Mbali, What Do You Miss The Most These TBT Things

Growing up in 90's and 80's was so enjoyable. Everything was cheap and affordable, as a child you could be sent to the shop and your were sure you would come back home with sweets because it was costing cents.

The shopkeeper could also give you as discounts but right now, who can give you that for free . One lollipop costs five Kenyan shillings.

Actually growing up during that time was actually a privilege as a kid. So many memories are made out of it.

There are so many things I still miss from those days, like free milk which was given to all primary school going children. Some of us only went to school for the free milk and free lunch.

The free milk was referred to as 'Maziwa ya nyayo' it was very sweet. The legends can attest to that

The other thing I really miss was playing all kinds of childhood games without any restrictions, there was no games for girls or boys. We were so innocent and naive .

We could all of us go to look after the cows at the grazing fields. We could carry maize for roasting at lunch time.

Here are more photos of what I miss.

What do you miss from those days?

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Tumetoka Mbali


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