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No Expensive Materials Again For Fencing, Use This Simple Homemade Technique To Make Better Fences.

Fences play a very important role to human beings. They help in enhancing security and privacy at their residential areas, gardens and work places.

There are many methods that can be used for fencing. Most of the people like using concrete blocks, bricks, iron sheets, timber and synthetic materials for fencing. However, these materials are relatively expensive to purchase and install. In this article I will vividly describe the cheapest homemade method that you can use to make your own fence.

Living Fences.

Living fences are also referred to as hedges. They are made of multiple plants rooted to the ground at a very close interval. Plants to be used as hedges must have fast growth rate.

Some of the plants commonly used for making living fences include; Ficus, Mehandi, Tecoma, Lantana, Duranta Golden, Schefflera and Alternanthera. These plants have quickest growth rate of approximately 80 to 95cm per year. To make a living fence, one is required to do the following.

1. Prepare the planting holes.

2. Collect seeds or vegetative materials to be planted.

3. Place a handful of manure or fertilizer into the planting holes.

4. Place the seeds or vegetative material into the planting holes and cover with small amount of soil.

5. Control the weeds as soon as your plants starts emerging from the soil.

6. When the plants attain height of one metre, prune to get desired shape.

Living fences are very advantageous because they help in controlling environmental degradation by regulating soil erosion and leaching of essential soil mineral nutrients. In a nutshell, living fences maintains environmental sustainability.

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