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5 Reasons why you are your own worst enemy

We all know those people who always blame others when they fail in their lives. They claim there are enemies at every corner who are out to get them and their families. When a setback occurs they start claiming they have been bewitched. And when you look closer you realize that they are lazy, insecure and they don't do what's required of them just excuses from every sides. These people are their worst enemies and no one is after them. They think they're so important to people's lives when they're a nuisance. We need to stay away from people like these. We need to understand ourselves why they're like this so that we can prevent being like them. Through these five reasons we can better ourselves and not claim to be trapped by our enemies.

1. You don't write goals

You go through life without a plan and when you're in so far to never go back you start thinking that people put you in that situation. What you don't understand is that life is complicated and to make it easier you need goals and dreams and find a way to make them happen. Make rules and guidelines so that when you hit a snag you can consult your plans to see where you went wrong instead of starting conflicts with people.

2. You have poor communication skills

When you can't be in good terms with people or fail to express yourself, you start claiming someone has waylaid you. Knowing how to talk with people and saying out loud what you want is a skill that is practised. No one is going to speak on your behalf forever and you need to find a way to navigate through life as most of it is spent communicating with people. Go out and practice, put yourself in uncomfortable situations and talk through because that is the only way to grow.

3. You don't follow through with your plans

Making plans and doing them is your problem. No one put a gun to your head and told you not to follow through. Being lazy and complacent in your comfort zone is the worst thing than your enemies. You are your worst self when you make promises and not keep them. Clients and friends will not trust you to deliver. Be a person of your word and start doing the hard stuff. It may be difficult but at least try to do well for yourself.

4. Poor money management skills

When you come into some money you buy extravagant things, eat expensive meals and make purchases that are not in line with your needs. Then when it runs out you start claiming it's witchcraft. What you need to understand is that money doesn't last forever but it can be managed wisely so that it can cater for your needs for a long time. Learn ways to earn money, save it, spend wisely through budgeting and investing it so that you can be comfortable and not think people are out to ruin you.

5. You don't wake up on time

To accomplish goals you need to set a time limit. You need to wake up early and go about fulfilling your goals. You sleep in till the afternoon and complain your enemies do not sleep and are hard at work to destroy you. This is not the case when you're too lazy. All they will need is to let you sleep and ruin your life yourself. Don't give them that satisfaction, do whatever it takes to always work harder and smarter.

There are many obstacles in life, don't let you be one of them.

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