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Don't Buy Expensive Stools Again, See The New And Cheap Method To Make Stools(Photos).

Stools are normally used at the resting bay,in the kitchen or at the dining table. Most stools are wooden. They are however not cheap to acquire. A new method of stool building employs the use of mortar and wooden stands.

This method uses recycled plastic bucket,mortar and wooden stands. In this method, mortar consisting of cement,sand and fine aggregates are mixed. The wooden stands are then inserted into the empty bucket and supported to the walls of the bucket using small pieces of wood.

Mortar is then poured into the empty bucket containing the wooden stands. Depending on the thickness of the seat required,the 20 litres bucket can be cut or used with it's initial measurements and lengths.

The mortar is allowed to stand for one day in the bucket before curing is done on the second day. The bucket is then removed in the third day to leave the stool. Curing is then continuously done on the mortar stool until the 7th day when it is ready to be used.

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