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The Importance of Facing Your Fears and How to Do It

Face your fears, and you’ll find inner strength that will transform your life. It’s quite common to look in a different direction when we fear something. When we’re afraid of spiders, we probably don’t go to the room full of spiders, right?


When we change our attitude around fears, we transform our lives completely. There is a very precious lesson when we stop running away and hiding.

Every single fear carries within a lesson that has profound importance for us

We understand the lesson only by examining our fears. Imagine that you’d be afraid to make someone upset.

Thus, this fear influences your decisions every day. When you don’t agree with someone else, you never speak up because you fear them to become upset.

In this way, people can easily manipulate you and they surely will as they sense your vibration of searching for approval. You avoid conflicts, and as a result, you get yourself into situations that go against your true desires.

This might not be your case, but the point here is that when we fear something, we avoid the situation.

And by avoiding the situation, we avoid own power to make decisions that are free of others influence.

If you’re afraid of something, then you don’t do something that could bring you more freedom and fun. When you face your fears, you understand that there is something that you need to change perhaps and do differently.

When you face your fears, you become a warrior. You find your inner strength and each struggle makes you grow and find your balance. Thus you stop getting thrown off the course when you face problems.

Fears are the sign of something within you that you didn’t face entirely at the moment when first experienced it. It’s common that our subconscious mind wants to protect us from pain and failure so when we encounter an emotionally difficult situation we distance ourselves from the present moment.

Perhaps the pain is too overwhelming, so the subconscious mind creates the sensation of feeling numb, distanced, or empty.

This is the cause of many dysfunctional patterns. A pattern is a recurring situation almost like on a loop. Let’s say that each of your partners eventually cheats on you.

Or you always argue with your parents when you come to visit them. All of these are patterns. And I dare to say based on my experience with clients that these patterns unconsciously rule all of us.

How to face your fears?

The easiest way is to face your fear by being present. Although it feels difficult, try not to run away from it this time.

Of course, some of the fears can be traumatic, and in that case, I’d advice you to look for someone who is dealing with these cases and can offer you professional help.

But generally speaking, I think that each of us can heal ourselves from most of the fears by witnessing them and allowing ourselves to feel them fully.

Go deep into your fear and ask it to show you why exactly you’re afraid of it. Sometimes it can be helpful to imagine the worst case scenario and keep asking yourself why do you actually fear something.

Keep doing it until you get a root of the answer.

You can recognize that you got to the root cause when there is nothing else “behind” this reason. You can’t get any further.

When you discover the cause, it’s usually enough to choose to let it go. Reaffirm to yourself your decision to let go of what you fear.

You can also support it with your imagination and see it leaving you and your body or dissipating in white light.

Content created and supplied by: Carrenmukui (via Opera News )


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