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You Will Be Surprised to Find Out Why You Should Place Onion in Your Sock Overnight When Sleeping

Onions in the recent world are mostly used for cooking. They are known as ingredients of adding flavor to foods. However there are also other uses of onions which are very useful. This method is by putting onions in your socks then put on. It is very advisable to always sleep with onions overnight everyday. This is because of the following factors that helps us.

Putting onions inside your socks then sleep with it helps to treat flu and cold. That why it is very advisable during this season to sleep with onions overnight since it will prevent cold and flu. Incase you are suffering from cold or flu especially this cold season, just try this remedy.

Also when you sleep with onions overnight,it will make your legs smell better and nice everyday. Most people who smell their feet when they wear shoes should try this remedy and it will work. The feet smells will disappear and you like it.

The above are examples of why you should sleep with onions inside your socks for overnight. Try the above home remedy and you will like it.Incase you have any opinion, kindly comment and also share the information to your friends and family. Remember to follow me for more interesting update.

Content created and supplied by: Mwangiayan (via Opera News )


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