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Happiness and smiling never goes out of style, thus you should always smile and be happy

What do you do on those days when your body us tired and you feel to lazy to do anything? Many people especially during this time when the economy is hard on everyone you just have to force yourself to keep on working. Do not get me wrong but we can all admit sometimes the body needs a break . It needs to rest even if its just for a little while.

Most of us young people ,me included are under a lot of pressure to try make it in life and thus that urges us to work even harder. We may at times even find ourselves in a job that we don't like but because it pays the bills ,we learn to accept the fate anyway. What is worse than being in a job you don't like? The answer is easy being gloomy while carrying out the job. At least ,one should put some effort to like the job as it adds some positivity to it and well it makes it much easier to do the job. Another incentive is to have a smiling face all day,I know some days are tough but with a smile everything gets better eventually.

Here are some funny pictures that will help put a smile on your face.

1)Nowadays we are heavily reliant on the internet in that we do not know what to do if it suddenly disappeared. This greatly affects the students who think every answer to their problem is on Google which is probably true.

2) What do you do in case your bathing soap starts thinning out? You probably in most cases just by a new one and put it on top of the old one right?

3)This picture best describes people who hate exercises. Exercises are healthy for the body but at the same time are very tiring hence most of us end up avoiding them . This becomes a problem when one can not do a single sit up when asked to.

4) To those of us who attend catholic churches ,we all know how the songs are rhythmic and interesting especially during offering. They are so enjoyable in that they prompt one to give offering in some cases more than one intended to.

5) This picture just goes to encourage the youths to hustle and work smart instead of laying in bed all day doing nothing.

I hope dear reader that this pictures make you smile and if they do just make sure to like and follow my page for more content.

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Content created and supplied by: Nyawiramuthike (via Opera News )


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