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Wonderful Fruit For Ailments like Diabetes, Cancer, Digestion And High Blood Pressure

Cape gooseberry is a herbaceous shrub that produces a fruit called berry which is bright yellow in color when fully ripe. This fruit has various names like golden berries, ground berries and Inca berry. It can be consumed either as a snack or used as a topping for pudding and deserts.

Cape gooseberry is considered to be very nutritious, hence it has wonderful health benefits to people suffering from diabetes, blurred vision, hypertension and etc.

Controls high blood pressure

This fruit is rich in phytochemicals such as carotenoids and polyphenols, which can regulate your high blood pressure levels. They are also filled with soluble fiber which can keep your cholesterol levels in check and this promotes good heart health.

Promotes weight loss

Cape gooseberry are low in fats and calories. If you are struggling with weight loss a handful cape gooseberries in your bowl of fruit salad or vegetable salad can make a great meal filler to support your weight loss goal.

Controls diabetes

This fruit is highly filled with immense soluble fiber like fructose which can be of major benefit to diabetic patients. This delicious berry can help in regulating your blood sugar levels.

Promotes good vision

Cape gooseberry is enriched with vitamin A, which has the ability to improve your eyesight and boost your immunity. It is also rich in iron which boosts your vision. When regularly consumed cape gooseberry can prevent eye problems such as caratacts and age related mucular degeneration.

Supports bones health

Cape gooseberry is highly enriched with phosphorus and calcium which can make your bones stronger. It is also filled with pectin that helps in calcium and phosphorus absorption and this helps to maintain good bone health.

It can prevent cancer

It has high antioxidant properties which protects your body against free radicals, it also repairs the damaged cells that are linked to aging and diseases like cancer.

Cape gooseberry also contains phenolic compounds which the study shows that, it has the ability to inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells in colon and breast cancer.

Note: Unripe cape gooseberry contain solanine a toxin that can cause cramping which can lead to diarrhea.

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