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College Education


A survival guides on your first semester at campus.

Make a lot of friends even the ones that might seem a bit odd. This allows you to know people's characters and hence you can decide the ones that are genuinely your friends. Having a lot of friends helps in making connections too, knowing people who know people will come in handy at some point in your life. Learning from the many friends that you make is another thing, people will always make mistakes learn from them so that you don't have to go through them as well or at least know what you're supposed to do when in that situation.

Attend all the social events that will be held at the campus. There are economic forums where the students get to pitch their business ideas to the appointed judges, mind you there is a reward for the best business idea. It also serves as a platform for the ongoing students to showcase their businesses and hence get more people to notice them. In all, it's a very interesting and interactive event for entrepreneurs. The cultural week is another social event that involves a lot of activities. For a country with a very diverse cultural background, this event only serves as a window. Participants from the various communities colorfully showcase their various cultures through traditional dances, their attires, skin paintings, and their various tools. The group that best represents their culture gets to walk away with a price.

This probably might be the most important of them all, always attend your classes and make sure to write the notes given by the lecturer. By attending you get to understand better when reading through your notes and hence you don't have to spend hours trying to cram notes just before the exams. The lecture also might give hints on what is to be set on your cats and exams. The lecturer's notes on the other hand come in handy when revising as they are usually shortened as compared to trying to read a pdf. It is your life so try to make sure you don't waste your time on campus.

Please get a part-time job. By doing this you get to experience the kind of skills that employers are looking for, you also get to know how life is out here so get prepared for the harsh job market. A job lets you earn that extra cash for your upkeep and by doing this you get to know how to handle, save and invest crucial money.

Learn a new skill. Learning never stops and so should you, always strive to know even if it's not class-related. Having a skill or two will be quite useful when looking for a job, it will be like extra credit. The skills can serve to improve your day-to-day life or for the purpose of mere amusement, this skill could be cooking, web design, braiding, or even writing skills. The other reason for having extra skills is so that you save up money since you won't have to hire people to repair your things.

And finally guard your heart. Don't get into relationships carelessly, intimacy takes time and so cherish every moment you have with your partner. If love entanglements are not your thing, then make sure to stand your ground and don't get influenced by your peers to jump into one if you're not ready. the campus lady [IMAGES/CURTESEY]

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