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10 Tips To Live Happy, Wild And Free.

In our day to day life, we face challenges and forget that our happiness is all that should be counted first.

Here are some simple tips to live happily, wildly and freely;

1. Write out a short list of the simple things that gives you pleasure.

Most of the things we do, sometimes gives us pleasure ourselves and this things maybe, racing, working out, eating, reading and also charity/support.

2. Get Moving

We don't rely on the past mostly, the best thing to do is to have discipline to finding your pleasure and make it work, for example, if it's working out, make sure that you work with discipline.

3. Eat light.

Eating light helps us to feel lighter and also increases concentration, digestion, energy level and productivity.

4. Take cold shower.

The following are the benefits of cold shower;

- Improves circulation

- Relieves depression

- Keeps skin healthy

- Increases testosterone and fertility

- Increase energy and well-being.

5. Talk less and when you do talk have noble conversation.

Especially when with friends, make sure to observe/ pay attention to your energy when you talk less.

6. Get 10 minutes of sun a day.

There's a relationship between low vitamin D levels and poor health, such as frail bones, multiple sclerosis, and prostate cancer. Hence, Vitamin D is needed.

7. Turn off the TV

For you to live happily wildly and freely turn off the TV for you to do any of the following according to your pleasure;

- Read

- Walk

- Meet friends

- Join evening group

8. Create

- Cook with a loved one

- Dance in your living room

- Sing in the car

- Journal without editing.

9. Enjoy nature.

10. Know the simple truth

Ask yourself, "What is true about myself right now in this moment?"

Know some facts about yourself and repeat with boldness. Take it in, believe and you will be free;

- I am enough

- I am worthy

- I am good

- I am loved

- I am what I need

- I am a success.

Content created and supplied by: AnnW (via Opera News )

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