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Signs That You Are In An Identity Crisis.

Signs that you are in an identity crisis.

For most of us, battles signify an identity issue. When we do not know who we are and we struggle to live confidently from that place, all kinds of emotional struggles can take place. Many times the emotions or unwanted behaviors that are popping up in our lives are a sign that we should revisit our foundation. There are a few signs that can show you if you are in an identity crisis.

1. Emotionally you are all over the place. This is where in your mind you are struggling to find a landing place.

2. You've wrapped your own one role. You invest a lot in that one thing that you love the most that you make it appear like your identity. You put all your worth into it. There is nothing wrong with doing or loving your job but don't let that job overpower your identity. Don't let it interfere with your self-esteem. What will happen if you lose that job? You will crash and lose everything you ever believed in. Don't let that important role in your life overpower who you are.

3. You are very uncomfortable outside that role. Look at your social life. Are you comfortable with going to gatherings and having conversations with people? Or you are just comfortable with that one thing you are great at.

4. When you are having difficulties transitioning from one stage to another. In life change is inevitable, but how much does the change affect you. Don't build your identity on one stage of your life but instead be flexible, change and adapt to the different seasons in life.

5. When you find yourself pursuing some misguided passions. It shows that you don't know what you want in your life. That little passion comes to your mind and you change the path you are following to ontake this new path. You need to first sit and think if that passion is what you want. Does it portray what you want and what you stand for in life? Meditate on what you want then take the path that leads to achieving it.

6. When you don't know what you are passionate about. You don't force passion. Just sit back and allow yourself to go on a journey of starting to love yourself. What do you enjoy doing? What do you do and give back positive feedback? Allow yourself to experience the best that comes from within you. 

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